POSITION SUMMARY: The Assistant Director of Yachad New Jersey will be part of the leadership team in NJ and help shape the future of programs and services in NJ region.  Working under the direction and support of the Director of Yachad NJ, the Assistant Director will help build a new structure that allows for excellent customer service of both Yachad participants, their families, our volunteers and staff.  Our goal will be to deliver meaningful programs and services to those who need our help, with a mindset of growth in both membership and the number of programs we offer on an ongoing basis.

This position requires strong supervisory skills and knowledge of the community.  Focus will be on ensuring that the region is strategically growing in current and new areas to best serve the special needs community.


  • Supervise program directors and programmatic staff
  • Oversight of the programmatic calendar including virtual and in person activities
  • New program development and partnership programs (ie schools, other organizations)
  • Oversee communications such as weekly emails, remind, monthly newsletters, etc.
  • Cultivate relationships with local lay leaders, principals, rabbis, directors, and other community leaders at a local and regional level to drive Yachad’s growth and impact
  • Oversee the development of leadership and informal education curriculum for school clubs (this includes sensitivity trainings and other awareness programs)
  • Supervise program directors and shabbatonim in the region. Build relationships with host communities.
  • Create a list of major goals that will be used to operationalize your vision in the current year.  For each goal develop specific measurable objectives that that will be used to assess annual impact
  • Partner with local institutions, schools, synagogues, and youth departments to promote Yachad’s mission of inclusion and lay the foundation for growth and collaboration



  • Recruit, hire, train and supervise regional staff
  • Provide a nurturing work environment in which all staff, volunteers, and Yachad members and peers feel valued, appreciated, and acknowledged for their contributions to the team
  • Oversee diligent input of regional data and monitoring/evaluation of the data
  • Work with the director to oversee the membership process
  • Provide ongoing staff supervision, including annual goal setting and benchmarking, weekly supervision, and regular performance appraisals.  Provide feedback to staff on a regular basis.  Feedback should be honest, compassionate, constructive, fair, and specific