Bookkeeper/Data Analysis

JOB TITLE: Bookkeeper – Kashrus Accounting

DEPARTMENT: Accounting                    

POSITION SUMMARY: This position is responsible for reimbursing mashgichim for expenses and paying them for visits/inspections. Responsibilities also include billing the company which was visited, when necessary.

Job will entail the analysis and processing of field rep submissions using internal company software— calculating pay and billing rates, checking and totaling expense receipts (including foreign currency conversion) and attributing expenses among various accounts.


  • Analyze submitted expense reports for accuracy
  • Manage reimbursements of expenses
  • Pay mashgichim for site visits/inspections
  • Bill Kashrus companies when necessary


  • Weekly audit of payments to RFRs.


  • Basic computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PDFs etc.)
  • Basic mathematical skills
  • Good communication skills, ability to work together as a team
  • Organized, detail-oriented