NCSY is built on the premise that the teen years are arguably the ideal stage for Kiruv and Chizuk programs that shape the future of individuals and communities. Through its Chapter, Regional, and Summer programs, NCSY has established itself as the premier provider of informal education to teens of all backgrounds. By way of its talented staff, powerful events, and programs, NCSY creates a community of passion and growth amongst the youth it reaches. NCSY varies from era-to-era and from location-to-location.

NCSY provides its professionals the training and support to accomplish the established goals while maintaining their own personal learning and growth. NCSY is not only a medium to make a profound difference, but it also provides a growth opportunity to hone skills in teaching, speaking, writing, budgeting, programming, fundraising, organization, and management. It gives a person the ability to not only work independently but also be part of a team. In the hands of a sincere and devoted Mekarav, NCSY is a powerful vehicle with limitless potential.

An NCSY City Director is responsible for the implementation of effective programming, strengthening relationships, and impacting the community.  A qualified Director is an individual who models a Torah observant lifestyle and can convey this through their passion and knowledge. The Director is a self-starter with the ability to work hard and get things done. Friendly, outgoing, savvy, and put together, the NCSY Director is comfortable in social situations, has a positive social presence, and possesses a demonstrated ability to support others around them to make positive Jewish choices.

Responsibilities Breakdown:

  1. Relationships
  • Cultivate relationships with teens
  • Communicate with Parents
  • Get to know community stakeholders (Rabbi’s, Federation Staff, Day Schools, etc.)
  1. Programming

Oversee and deliver on the implementation and execution of NCSY formal and informal education programs.

Ongoing Social Programs

  • Latte and learning
    • Plan and organize engagement outside of the clubs for each JSU club
    • Seek out new program opportunities
    • Produce accountable growth metrics and oversight for each latte participant
  • JSU
    • Plan and organize public school club education, logistics, and activities
    • Seek out new club opportunities
    • Work on the branding/ marketing of JSU
    • Produce accountable growth metrics and oversight for each club participant
  • Junior NCSY
    • Plan and organize ongoing activities to engage middle school students
    • Develop relationships with local Jewish day school to recruit more students

Ongoing Impact Programs

  • JSP
    • Plan and organize a series of Torah growth programing
    • Bring together community members to mentor teens through Torah
  • Local Shabbatons
    • Schedule and run local Shabbatons
    • Arrange mini Shabbatonim (Summer Alumni, seniors, etc.)
  • Shabbos
    • Host teens for Shabbos meals
    • Oneg Shabbos/ Seuda Shlishis

Summer Programs

  • Learn the various summer programs and the process of registration and scholarship
  • Recruit teens for summer programs
  1. Regional Responsibilities
  • Recruit and attend all seven Regional Shabbatonim
  • Oversee the logistics of locally hosted Shabbatonim
  • Participate in planning each regional event


  1. Community Impact
  • Attend community events as needed to foster an “NCSY/ JSU presence” in the city
  • Liaison with local public schools/ organizations for joint opportunities e. Holocaust awareness program, food drive
  • Foster leadership opportunities for teens
  • Assist in Local fundraiser


  1. Administrative
  • Define, in writing, goals for each deliverable
  • Submit annual calendar by the target date
  • Create and submit budgets for programs
  • Collect accurate data at all programs
  • Record all data in Betaburg (National Database)
  • Record all expenses
  • Attend Staff Conference