The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the New York NCSY region serves as the lead professional in the largest and most prominent NCSY region.  He/She is the region’s visionary who is responsible for: setting strategy and direction, modeling and setting the region’s culture, building and leading the region’s senior executive team, and allocating capital to pursue the region and organization’s priorities.


The New York Jewish community is the largest in the entire country and as such the New York region must be dynamic and transformative.  The New York CEO is the most senior of regional management in the organization and the programs of the region must reflect the incredible uniqueness of the New York Jewish community.  As such, the CEO will have a senior management team that is dynamic, experienced, and accomplished.


The CEO will work closely with International NCSY’s senior management team and is involved in the strategic vision and leadership of the organization.


Setting and Communicating Strategy and Direction

  • Develop, articulate and promote a vision for the region in partnership with key stakeholders including teens, parents, Youth Commission members, professional staff, Jewish community leaders, and the NCSY International Office.
  • Significantly grow the stakeholder group in a way that best positions the organization for future growth in alignment with the vision.
  • Develop a list of major goals that will be used to operationalize vision in the current year.
  • Empower the region’s senior executive team to hire and oversee staff, manage, set program goals, and develop a comprehensive program calendar


Modeling and Setting the Culture

  • Provide a nurturing work environment in which all staff, volunteers, teens, and lay leadership feel valued, appreciated, and acknowledged for their contributions to the team.
  • Provide meaningful staff meetings and ongoing staff supervision, including annual goal setting and benchmarking, and regular performance appraisals.
  • Provide honest, compassionate, constructive and fair feedback to staff on a regular basis.
  • Provide opportunities for continuing professional training and development.


Building and Leading the Region’s Senior Executive Team

  • Recruit and hire a senior executive team (SET) to implement the vision.
  • Empower the SET to hire, fire, and lead the rest of the organization
  • Resolve differences between SET members and keep them working together in a common direction.
  • Set direction by communicating the strategy and vision of where the company is going.


Allocate Capital to Pursue Priorities (Lay Leadership, Fiscal Management, Community Development)

  • Develop a regional and community lay leadership board (regional Youth Commission), recruiting new members, cultivation of current members, and the creation of meaningful involvement opportunities for all lay volunteers.
  • Serve as the lead representative of NCSY throughout the Region and promote awareness of programmatic opportunities targeting Jewish youth throughout the Orthodox and wider Jewish community.
  • Oversee the fiscal operation of NCSY through budget planning and management processes.
  • In close coordination with International NCSY and the Regional Youth Commission, set resource development goals and implement a strategic approach to financial resource development to enhance the Region’s operations.


The experience level and education required for this position are:

  • Significant background and experience in:
    • Vision & goal setting, strategic thinking & implementation, organizational management, staff management
    • Fundraising & development, board development, community relations, public relations & marketing
    • Fiscal management
    • Education, programming, spiritual growth
  • A significant Jewish educational background is required
  • Bachelors Degree required. Advanced Degree and/or Smicha preferred
  • Previous track-record of success