Job Description for Director of Kansas City NCSY
Midwest Mesorah Region NCSY

The Director of Kansas City NCSY is responsible to achieve the objectives of the Midwest Region of NCSY as defined by the Regional Director within an assigned geographic area, in this case the Kansas City metropolitan area. The City Director is the local NCSY leader responsible for promoting greater Torah observance to local youth, and must therefore possess the Torah knowledge and represent the values necessary to accomplish that goal.
The City Director requires personal, organizational, and leadership skill and experience to make decisions, communicate objectives, delegate authority, guide and excite community youth. The position requires diverse activity with varying types and levels of responsibility to ensure a successful youth program, and promote greater commitment to Torah Judaism (for all age groups, Jr. & Sr. NCSY if required). The position requires engagement of the community, which includes but is not limited to the parents of NCSY participants, community Rabbis, and all other
community stakeholders.

The Director of Kansas City NCSY reports to the Regional Director or his designated appointee.
The duties and activities of this position include:
– Relationship Building
–  Keep in touch with your NCSYers by phone or e-mail (or Facebook) on a regular
–  Maintain positive relationships with the parents of your NCSYers. Communicate
all information about the programs that you are running in an open and honest
–  Cultivate relationships with educational, rabbinical and lay leadership in your
–  Invite NCSYers to your home for Shabbos on a regular basis.
– Manage relationships between teens and regional advisors

1. Encourage your chapter members, where appropriate, to participate in national
NCSY programs, including summer programs and National Yarchei Kallah
2. Work with the Regional Director to determine a target number of participants in
such programs.
3. Record all activities and events in the National Database.

Chapter Activities
1. Plan, organize, advertise and recruit for chapter events and meetings.
2. A good monthly chapter schedule should include but is not limited to:
1. Chapter board meetings: 1-2 per month
2. One Shabbat program which should include two chapter shabbatonim per
3. Recreational trips (bowling, movie, mini golf, arcade, etc.): 1-2 per month
4. Educational programming (Latte and Learning, Partners in Torah): weekly
(can be in conjunction with the chapter board/membership meetings)
5. JSU clubs – regularity based on each club.

Other programs for annual chapter calendar include but not limited to:
1. Chessed Project/Trip (clean a shul, raise tzedaka money, help out at an
area charity, etc.): 1 to 2 per year
2. Recruit teen participation and advisor staff for the regional events and
3. Work with the Regional Director to determine the target teen participation number
for your chapter. Work to achieve that level of participation.
4. E-mail information to chapter members regarding chapter events and put up
flyers in all appropriate areas of the community.
5. Send out a quarterly constant contact newsletter to all community members

JSU Club Activities
1. Plan and organize weekly club activities to inspire Jewish pride and identity in the
Kansas City City-area public high schools for which you are responsible.
2. In consultation with your Regional Director, determine a target attendance level
for the JSU club at each school. Advertise and recruit for those clubs, utilizing
print materials posted within the schools, homeroom announcements within the
schools, and emails to club participant lists in order to reach your target
attendance number.
3. Develop educational materials (multimedia, source/reference material, skits,
creative educational presentations) for use in your JSU clubs. You may also (of
course) make use of any materials developed by other JSU staff people in the
Midwest and North America, however the creation of new and innovative
materials is also expected.
4. Pick up kosher pizza or donuts, beverages, and other refreshments to bring with
you to each JSU club meeting.
5. Work with your Regional Director to identify 2-3 other area public high schools
that are ripe for hosting JSU clubs. Endeavor to initiate JSU clubs at those high
schools by contacting school officials, faculty, and Jewish teens from those
schools. Report on a bi-weekly basis to your Regional Director on your progress.
6. Develop relationships with the participants in JSU clubs so that those teens can
be exposed to Jewish life outside their club time. Recruiting such kids for
mainstream NCSY programs is of great value, although anything Jewish that the
teens do outside of club time is a positive.

Junior NCSY (6 th -8 th grades)
All of the same responsibilities related to Senior NCSY chapter events and
Regional Conventions, EXCEPT
1. Events are every month, rather than twice monthly.
2. Meetings are weekly in any week that there is no other Jr. event, and may
be conducted by phone, chat room, or in person.
3. There should be at least one Chapter Shabbaton per year.
2. Work with the Regional Director for event ideas and report on events.

Develop Chapter Board
1. Appoint or hold elections for a chapter board.
2. Ensure that the board meets as often as the advisor deems necessary.
3. Encourage the board to schedule and plan events and activities.

Regional events
1. Recruit teen participation from your chapter in regional events and conventions.
2. The target participation number for your chapter in regional events is:
3. Work with the regional office liaison to arrange for transportation of your chapter
to regional events.
4. Attend regional events
5. Supervise your chapter members at regional events.
8. Financial management

Chapters should plan and maintain a chapter budget with the Regional Director,
and it is expected that chapter finances will be handled professionally and
1. This plan must include anticipated costs for each event (local and
Shabbatons) so as to ensure that any losses are anticipated ahead of
time and are reasonable.
2. Work with the Regional Director to develop a fundraising strategy so that chapter
finances are covered.

1. Work with Regional Director to set an amount that is realistic to be raised in the
Kansas City
1. Kansas City Director will be responsible to either raise the money or set
up the meetings in order to help get the money raised.
Many of the above duties may be performed either by the City Director himself, or by an NCSYer (likely a chapter board member) whom the advisor deems responsible enough to carry out the duty. However, the successful accomplishment of the task is the ultimate responsibility of the City Director. Summers should be used for planning the upcoming year’s programing and running programs for teens that are in the Chapter area for the summer