The Orthodox Union is seeking an entrepreneurial manager to develop, facilitate, evaluate, and oversee impactful programming and initiatives geared to serving the needs of the Orthodox young professional demographic.



College graduates and young professionals, in their twenties and early thirties, are a key demographic within the Orthodox community, but that are not adequately served through existing institutions and infrastructure.  As emerging adults, they are still at a critical stage in terms of their identify formation.  The Director of Young Professional Engagement would develop and manage the OU’s efforts to engage with and best serve the needs of this critical and diverse population.


Job Responsibilities:

Identify and manage partnership with external programs/individuals – Seek out talented individuals and successful organizations that are already working or are expanding to work with this demographic and help those programs/individuals scale and amplify their success.

  • Identify potential quality programs and partners that fit the target demographic and mission of the Orthodox Union regarding young professionals.
  • Work with them to outline and crystalize the methodology and of their programs, and a set of expectations and deliverable.
  • Invest in pilot projects in partnership with these programs/individuals.
  • Evaluate the success of the pilot projects and their viability for expansion and scaling.
  • Work with lay and professional leadership to develop a course for further investment and growth.

Coordinate efforts and resources of Orthodox Union and its programs – Within the context of the Orthodox Union’s diffuse and diverse departments and initiatives coordinate with existing and emerging programs that address, in part or in full, the Young Professional demographic.

  • Identify and coordinate with existing Orthodox Union programs such as OU-JLIC’s Yavneh Bayit, OU Israel’s JCHAT program.
  • Galvanize the resources and efforts of other program departments, such as the Women’s Initiative, NCSY, the Impact Accelerator, and Community Initiatives to address the needs of the young professional demographic.
  • Ensure effective collaboration between all efforts, marketing and recruitment strategies, and alignment so as to avoid overlap, competition and confusion between programs.
  • Support and ensure the advancement of all Orthodox Union efforts to better serve the key demographics.

Develop and incubate new programs that fill in gaps based on opportunity and need – There are likely to be gaps and opportunities to further the OU’s mission regarding Orthodox young professionals that can not be filled simply through external partners or existing OU programs.  The Director of Young Professional Engagement will spearhead efforts to fill in these gaps and develop and incubate new initiatives in-house.

  • Examine key locations with concentrations of young professionals to determine current available resources, programs, and gaps.
  • Engage with young professionals to research and uncover unmet needs, and opportunities.
  • Find potential partners and stakeholders for the development of new programs that directly address unmet needs, gaps, and opportunities.
  • Raise funds to leverage support from the Orthodox Union to incubate and implement new programs.
  • Implement new programs, while also developing and monitoring key metrics in order to determine broader viability and success.
  • Hire and manage staff, as needed, to implement young professional engagement programs.
  • Evaluate the implementation of new programs and their reach and impact for potential further development and scaling if deemed promising, or for retirement or modification if deemed unsuccessful.

Develop infrastructure and support framework for all young professional engagement activities –

  • Cultivate a cadre of young professional leaders that would serve in an advisory capacity, while also contributing and raising funds for programs and initiatives.
  • Cultivate and engage with senior lay leadership and potential investors and stakeholders to support and mentor young professional engagement efforts.
  • Develop and oversee an annual budget.
  • Develop and implement a marketing and communications strategy.


Required Job Skills and Experience:

  • Superb Written and Oral Communications Skills
  • 5+ Years experience in non-profit management or programming
  • Jewish engagement and educational development experience preferred
  • Masters degree in Education or Management preferred
  • Talent in organizational and logistical management
  • Excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • Proven ability to collaborate and work well in teams
  • Systematic and strategic thinking and ability
  • Experience working with and coordinating between diverse stakeholders


Salary Range- $125,000-$150,000