Are you a passionate Jewish educator and community builder, skilled at working with Young Professionals, searching for your next opportunity? 

The Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus is seeking a part time couple to serve as Engagement Directors on the Upper West Side.  

Model:  An OU-JLIC couple on the Upper West Side to specifically engage young professionals.  The couple will serve as part of the Shul staff and be supervised by the Shul Rabbi, as well as be part of and benefit from the broader OU-JLIC national infrastructure and network for recruitment, mentorship, professional networking, oversight, and evaluation. 

Target demographic: Young Professionals between the ages of 22 and 30 that are moving to or making their home in the Upper West Side.  The focus will be on those that are connecting, either tangentially or more actively in a Shul framework, but that the Shul does not have the Rabbinic resources to get to know the young professionals on an individual basis, or to develop significant relationships with them.  

Job description:  

Part-time – 20-25 hours/week (focused on evenings and weekends) plus Shabbat. Hours can be split within the couple based on the availability of each spouse.   

1)      Personal relationships: Develop and maintain personal relationships with each of identified young professionals in the new cohort through: 

  1. Coffee Dates
  2. Chavruta Learning and Chaburot
  3. WhatsApp learning groups
  4. Pastoral Counseling
  5. Intimate Shabbat Meals
  6. Onegs
  7. Small-scale social and networking activities.


2)      Work within Shul leadership to better integrate young professionals into the Shul framework: Work with the pre-existing infrastructure of the Shul and their communal learning and social opportunities and religious leaders to effectively integrate young professionals as they move to and settle in the UWS: 

  1. Get to know each young professional and introduce them to opportunities and professionals that will best speak to their needs and interests. 
  2. Interact with Rabbis and other communal leaders and help introduce them to young professionals in an accessible manner, through programming or on an interpersonal basis. 
  3. Attend and participate in Shul functions and minyan and work with Shul to advocate for needs and interests of young professionals and to better integrate them into Shul framework.


3)      Dating and Marriage: Provide educational and networking opportunities to help young professionals in the cohort to develop healthy models of interpersonal relationships and family, and to facilitate dating and marriage: 

  1. Run small/intimate programs and workshops focused on understanding the components of a healthy relationship, the centrality of communication, how to develop and invest in a healthy relationship, among others. 
  2. Model Jewish family, healthy interpersonal interaction, and Middot.
  3. Serve as a resource people can turn to for guidance or chizuk in their dating and marriage preparation. 
  4. Provide Chattan and Kallah classes/marriage prep for young professionals.
  5. Serve as a liaison for students who want to directly work with matchmakers in the larger JLIC-Connections, YUConnects, UWS or SawYouAtSinai community.

Salary Range-$65,000-$70,000