JOB TITLE: Jr. NCSY and Family Engagement Director, Camp Kesher Assistant
Director, Portland NCSY

POSITION SUMMARY: This position is divided into 3 primary categories that have
overlap – 1) Engage middle school students through Jewish activities and social events
to create a feeder for NCSY in high school 2) Oversee and create family engagement
opportunities for all of NCSY 3) Help to recruit and run programming for Camp Kesher Jr. NCSY
● Recruit for and execute ‘Monthly Meetings’ twice a month at the MJCC
● Recruit for and execute a weekly JSU style meeting at Robert Gray Middle
● Start an additional JSU style middle school club with a minimum of 8 Jewish kids
● Execute 5 social events throughout the year
● Create, coordinate and execute a Jewish Babysitters Club every other year and
offer a follow up course for year 2
● Meet new kids – increase the recruitment list with 3 new contacts weekly. Goal by
June 2021: to have 100 active kids on the recruitment list
● Track all attendance accurately in the NCSY database
Family Engagement
● Recruit for, coordinate and execute 5 events throughout the year. These can
include social events, holiday parties, Shabbat Top Chef, Cholent Cookoff,
Awards Ceremony, Family Shabbaton in conjunction with the Kollel or
mother-daughter or father-son activities
● Build and Nurture relationships with both Jr. NCSY and NCSY parents
○ Invite families for Shabbos twice a month
○ Have coffee meetings with 4 parents monthly
○ Organize a Shabbat and Holiday google doc for NCSY meals
Camp Kesher Assistant Director –
● Recruiting for camp
○ Create recruitment events to attract new families
○ Have coffee meeting with potential parents
○ Work with the Seattle NCSY and NorCal NCSY directors to recruit teens
from those areas
○ Work with the Portland NCSY Director to recruit teens
● Planning for camp
○ Prepare activities and ensure supplies have been ordered
○ Assist camp director with task management
● At Camp
○ Help train and manage counselors and staff
○ Be on site during camp, run activities and assist in programs
○ Ensure the safety and emotional well-being of the campers
○ Aid with medical needs as they arrive
● Follow up from camp
○ Get Camp Kesher kids to re-enroll in camp within a month after camp.
○ Add campers to the year round recruitment list and keep in touch with
○ Reach out to camp families, connect them to programming and invite them
for Shabbos