Focus College/Development/Marketing

  1. Mentor for college students in the NCSY Alumni Yavneh campus community program
  2. Oversee planning and execution of Bike NCSY
  3. Develop and market resources and content to the NCSY collegiate community
  4. Develop and execute alumni national programs on a bi-monthly basis.
  5. Develop content for National Directors “Around NCSY” newsletter, Ignite and Jewish

Action magazines

  1. Coordinate the NCSY Advisor Alumni Society
  2. Coordinate the process of connecting and introducing of college age alumni to existing programs on campus
  3. Reach out to students on college campus and follow up on challenges they may face
  4. Act as the primary liaison between OU collegiate departments and NextGen
  5. Manage NCSY Young Professionals community
  6. Develop the annual survey of Jewish life on campus
  7. Compile reports for campus outreach partners regarding NCSY alumni at their universities to facilitate face-to-face meetings
  8. Work together with data resource department on sharing data to campus educators
  9. Assist Director of NCSY Alumni in day to day activities