POSITION SUMMARY: Serve as a Role Model and Provide informal Jewish education to teens designed to connect and inspire and ultimately empower them to become well-rounded Jewish young adults. This is done through creating the culture of NCSY, which means upward movement and growth for teens and for the community. Beth Jacob responsibilities include creating and implementing curricula for weekly youth services (toddler through teen), designing informal educational programs, planning social events and extensive Jewish holiday and chesed oriented programs throughout the year. Additionally, the Youth/Educational Director will be responsible for training, managing and supervising all youth group staff personnel and working with parents, congregation and rabbinical staff to meet the needs of the community’s youth.

● Identify needed budget for shul related programming.
● Create a Youth Committee, and hold planning and brainstorming meetings with them to get input on teen and youth involvement
● Design and create High Holiday programs
● Work with the Youth liaison and Youth Committee to communicate successes, identify areas that need improvement (brainstorming ideas together), receive the feedback.
● Having a detailed plan (that is reproducible and “ironed” out) for the times when Youth Director is absent.
● Design interesting and new programs for Shabbat and holiday morning youth groups
● Supervise and coordinate all Shabbat morning youth groups, including interviewing, training, and overseeing a youth staff
● Oversee and revitalize Shabbat teen participation.
● Create and implement a year-long calendar of weekly youth activities, social events and holiday programming for all ages
● Publicize all events and recruit teen, youth, and parent involvement
● Develop and foster a community of Jewish teens that have bought into the NCSY “culture.” including creating and empowering a teen board
● Create, coordinate and run 5 JSU clubs at Orange County public and private schools.
● Create, coordinate and run 3 weekly educational events, i.e. LNL’s
● Create, coordinate and run 2 annual chapter Shabbatonim
● Create, coordinate and run fundraising events for Orange County NCSY
● Recruit for NCSY summer programs.
● Recruit for West Coast regional events
● Attend weekly meetings at regional office and one-on-one meetings with regional director.
● Set and reach metrics and goals for the chapter.
● Set and reach metrics and goals for the shul
○ 15-20 Younger kids at shul events
○ 35 Lower School involved in Youth Programming
○ 17 Middle School and Teens involved in Youth Programming
● Programming for Shabbat Afternoon 2 out of every 4 Shabbat