JLIC seeks an Office manager that is organized, detail oriented, and efficient to support
operations by maintaining office systems and coordinating National team projects.
Coordinate technical JLIC staffing processes.
● File HR “Namely” Workflows to initiate staffing changes such as new hires, terminations,
maternity leave, pay changes etc.
○ Collect and retain necessary information such as job descriptions, contact
information, and salary details.
○ Maintain spreadsheet of all Namely Workflows, active and complete.
● Liaise with HR, accounting, payroll, and JLIC National team to see Workflows through to
● Communicate with JLIC staff upon completion of or in process of relevant Workflows
Assist with JLIC Marketing efforts
● Update JLIC’s website content
● Help maintain JLIC’s National Facebook and Instagram pages
● Coordinate swag design, ordering, campus/student distribution
● Design invitations, fliers etc (using Canva/templates, no graphic design experience

● Manage reservations of meeting spaces, restaurants and hotels for conferences etc.
● Manage JLIC inventory. Eg. Organize conference supplies, support conference
preparation and wrap-up
● Organize broader JLIC team information such as staff directory and schedule
● Assist with special projects, events and other duties as needed

Required Skills/Abilities:
● Highly organized
● Informing others
● Managing & improving processes
● Proficient with spreadsheets, word processors, and Outlook
● College Degree

Salary Range: $40,000.00-$50,000.00