OU Kosher Collections Manager – Job Description


·        Manages Organization’s overall efforts with respect to the monitoring and collection of customer accounts receivable for OU Kosher.

·        Reports to Chief Financial and Administrative Officer.

·        Supervises 2 staff members.

·        Primary duties and responsibilities include:

o   Analyzing OU Kosher accounts receivable activity and communicating with and pursuing collections from customers that have past due balances.

§  Generating and reviewing aging reports with decision-making regarding initiation of calls, e-mails and formalized letters.  Tailoring the communications to support the circumstances.

§  Generating and releasing monthly statements.

§  Negotiating and, where necessary, setting up payment plans and terms to facilitate the collection.

o   Communicating with the relevant management and staff within the Organization.

§  Maintaining strong relationships with account managers which foster and ensure cooperative efforts and the mutual sharing of information.

§  Issuing various receivable-related reports.

§  Keeping senior management apprised of all issues of concern.

§  Managing placement and release of any necessary account holds.

·        Secondary duties and responsibilities include:

o   Providing direction in support of payment applications.

o   Ensuring customer-required references are properly included on invoices.

o   Filing proof of claims for bankruptcies.

o   Filing with small claims court for local debt.

·        Required qualifications:

o   Advanced knowledge and skills of collection practices and accounting principles.

o   3+ years of relevant experience applied in a managerial capacity within a mid to large size organization.

o   Excellent communication and proven problem solving and decision-making skills.