Located in the heart of North Dallas, within the city’s southern eruv, Congregation
Shaare Tefilla is a Modern Orthodox congregation comprised of 200 families. Our
membership is made up of a religiously and economically diverse mix of families and
singles of all ages. With an influx of many young couples pursuing a healthy job market
and seeking affordability along with a great quality of life, Shaare Tefilla has
experienced substantial growth and has doubled in membership over the past 10 years.
To facilitate and accommodate this growth, Shaare Tefilla has entered into a partnership
with NCSY to create a joint Youth Director/ NCSY Chapter Director position.
The position is a senior position in Shaare Tefilla, interfacing with the Rabbi and the
office administration, with the opportunity to develop skills in management, leadership,
and public speaking. The Youth Directors will have the opportunity to deliver classes
both to youth and adults, participate in the administration and management functions of
the synagogue and play an integral role in the development of Jewish youth in Dallas in
general, and our synagogue in particular.
We are looking for dynamic, enthusiastic, creative and child-centric leaders who will
develop, manage, and execute our youth programming for third grade through high
school, and will use our synagogue as a center for Jewish youth activities
throughout Dallas through our NCSY partnership.
Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
● Organizing and leading children’s tefilla and teen minyanim on Shabbat
and high holidays, while creating the right blend of education, tefillah, and
play for each age group.
● Train and supervise all youth support staff and volunteers.
● Creating special themed programming for major holidays and events.
● Organizing monthly special events like shabbatonim, Motzei Shabbat or
Sunday programs (arts and crafts, sports, movie nights, etc).
● Attending NCSY Regional and National Conventions 3 times a year
(assuming that they are not directly overlapping with major Shul events)
● Working with the NCSY City Director of Greater Dallas to direct more teen
traffic to the Shaare community where appropriate, as well as to help
transfer the headquarters of NCSY operations in Dallas to the Shaare
Tefilla facility.
● Working with the NCSY City Director in developing a leadership cadre of
teens that are involved in running events, and learning skills related to
Jewish leadership through NCSY’s TLI program.
Additional operational responsibilities will include:
● Developing an annual schedule, budget and strategic vision for the department
● Assist in fundraising, create multiple revenue streams including event charges,
donations, and partner grants.
● Weekly communication with parents through email newsletter.
● Designing PR materials for youth programs and marketing youth programs to the
community, and creating a culture in the shul in which the congregants feel that
there is a robust and dynamic youth department with engaged teens.
● Leading programming/class on a bimonthly or weekly basis.
● Organizing youth and synagogue retreats
● Assist in recruitment efforts to the broader community that will bring families to
Shaare Tefilla
● Joining the Southwest NCSY staff for weekly meetings as well as attending staff
conferences and meetings (assuming that they are not directly overlapping with
major Shul events)
● Previous experience in youth leadership, programming and management
preferably in a synagogue or educational setting.
● Dynamic and positive personality, capable of motivating others.
● Excellent leadership, communication and organizational skills with specific
examples of these skills.
● Previous experience coaching / training others.
● Working knowledge of current technology including document creation, video
production and social media.