The OU is always looking for good people, and you can help. Research has shown, and our own experience supports this, that new hires that come into a company through employee referrals are excellent contributors, stay with the company longer and are a more cost-effective recruit.

That’s where you come in! If you know someone who would be a good addition to the OU and they meet the qualifications for an existing open requisition, it may be worth $1,000 if you refer them for employment and they are hired!

Refer candidates who meet the qualifications by completing this quick form: If your candidate is hired you will be awarded $1,000!

Program Rules

1. Referral Eligibility: All OU employees, except Human Resources personnel, and managers with hiring authority over the position are eligible to refer candidates.

2. The referral date cannot be earlier than the date the position is publicized. The hiring of a referred employee must occur within 180 days (six months) of the initial referral date.

3. To be eligible for an award, the referrals must first be submitted to Human Resources by filling out the form above and not directly to the department.

4. The referring employee must agree to have his/her name used for introduction, but of course, this information will remain confidential.

5. The first employee to refer a candidate will be the only referring employee eligible for payment.

6. All candidates will be evaluated for employment consistent with the OU policies, procedures and practices.

7. All information regarding the hiring decision will remain strictly confidential.

8. Any disputes or interpretations of the program will be decided at the discretion of the Chief Human Resources Officer.


For any questions about the employee refferal program, please contact Sydney Strulowitz at