OPPORTUNITY TYPE: Full-time (10 Month Program)

LOCATION: Washington, DC 




As the public policy arm of the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization, OU Advocacy works to protect Jewish interests and freedoms by providing government officials with informative policy briefings, advocating legislative and regulatory initiatives, and coordinating our constituency’s grass-roots political activities. Importantly, OU Advocacy works to bring the unique perspective of Jewish law and tradition to bear upon a wide range of public policy issues confronting American society at large, thus seeking to fulfill our mission to work for the betterment of the world – tikkun olam – for all of humankind.  

The Orthodox Union (OU) is the largest Orthodox Jewish organization in the United States. Founded in 1898, the OU supports a network of synagogues, youth programs, Jewish and Religious Zionist advocacy programs, programs for the disabled, localized religious study programs, and international units. The OU maintains a kosher certification service, whose circled U symbol, Ⓤ , is found on the labels of many kosher commercial and consumer food products. 



The OU Advocacy Legislative Fellowship is a one year position running from September to August, located in Washington, DC.   

The Legislative Fellowship is an intensive one year position for dedicated individuals their first year out of college to work with OU Advocacy professional staff as we advocate in Washington, DC for Jewish values and interests in the public policy arena on behalf of the Orthodox Jewish community. He/she will take part in a wide range of activities including monitoring legislative activity, working with synagogues and day schools, coordinating special events, creating educational materials, and mobilizing the grassroots of American Orthodox Jewry.   

Previous Legislative Fellows have continued on to obtain significant positions in politics, communications and Jewish communal life.   



  1. Legislative Advocacy – A Legislative Fellow will have responsibility for monitoring legislation; attending and reporting on hearings; representing the Orthodox Union on Capitol Hill and in coalitions and more.   
  1. Research – The backbone of effective advocacy work is quality research. The Legislative Fellow will research and write advocacy memos on critical issues.   
  1. Events – OU Advocacy has produced and sponsored public conferences on a range of issues examining the interface of Halakha and public policy; OU Advocacy also holds missions to Washington where community leaders meet policymakers. The Legislative Fellow will play a lead role in executing these events.   
  1. Communications – OU Advocacy is in the communications business; our policy positions must be heard in the public square, our views must be integrated into policymakers’ thinking, and our programs must be attended. The Fellow will have a role in ensuring OU Advocacy’s public messaging reaches our target audiences via social media and other channels.  



The salary for this Fellowship is 40,000. 

We offer employee-sponsored healthcare, dental and vision plans. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Paid sick days 
  • Paid vacation days 
  • Paid Jewish and most Federal holidays 
  • Short Fridays to accommodate for the Sabbath