JLIC Educator General Job Description


  1. Integrate into the campus community and develop ongoing relationships with students so that they see the JLIC educator as part of the fabric of their college experience and as trusted and available resources:
  • Live on or near campus and invite students to home for programming, Shabbat meals, etc.
  • Maintain both a weekday and Shabbat presence and interaction with students.
  • Proactively reach out and develop relationships with students both in one-on-one settings (such as over coffee) or within groups.
  • Interact informally with students over meals, student programs…
  • Provide Halachic and pastoral guidance to students.
  • Proactively find and connect to observant and non-observant NCSY/JSU alumni on campus, serving as a connector between them and meaningful Jewish experiences and opportunities.
  1. Develop Jewish Learning and other substantive opportunities for students to engage, grow, and enhance their experience of Judaism:
  • Develop a broad array of Jewish learning opportunities for students, such as Shiurim, Lunch and learns, Beit Midrash nights, discussion groups, etc. that relate to the needs and opportunities of the specific student target groups on campus.
  • Provide “inspirational” opportunities for students such as Onegim, Rosh Chodesh groups, Celebratory experiences during Chagim, etc.
  • Collaborate with students, student groups, and external partners to enhance the capacity and experience of Jewish learning on campus.
  • Learn with students one-on-one (Chavrutot) or in small groups, exploring issues/topics/Seforim of relevance to students.
  • Engage in informal conversations with students around issues of relevance to their Jewish experience.
  • Serve as a source of inspiration for students and as role models around issues of importance to their Jewish growth, such as Tefilla, Jewish family, leadership, commitment to community, respect for others, etc.
  • Encourage student involvement and passion, and provide programming around important Jewish values/Mitzvot such as Israel, Tzedek, and Chesed.
  • Facilitate high-impact trips, when appropriate, that enable students to deepen their Jewish connections, such as with alternative breaks, Birthright Israel, retreats, and other Israel trips.
  • Provide Kalah/Chatan classes/tutoring for students as appropriate.
  1. Enhance the experience of Jewish community and Jewish communal infrastructure on campus:
  • Support the community in preparation of and implementation of Shabbat and Chag programming.
  • Find ways to make the experience of Shabbatot and Chagim on campus more accessible and meaningful to students.
  • Support the accessibility of Jewish observance on campus, such as with ensuring that there is Kosher food available, building Eruvim, etc.
  • Advocate for and help communicate the needs of observant students within the Hillel and the broader campus.
  • Collaborate and integrate as part of a larger Hillel staff team that considers the needs of the entire Jewish campus community, serving as a Jewish resource for staff and students.
  • Break down barriers and clicks between students, encouraging the community to be more engaging, warm and welcoming to students on the peripheries.
  1. Support, nurture and collaborate with student leadership:
  • Collaborate with and support the work of formal student leaders, providing guidance, strategic advice, and Chizuk for their work.  Help make their impact broader and more relevant to students, and enhance their function ability.
  • Collaborate with students and student leadership to make JLIC activities better integrated, more publicized, and more successful, as well as less top-down endeavors.
  • Encourage and support student initiated activities that further the goals of JLIC, or that are important for student growth and maturation.
  • Help nurture the potential for student leadership and communal responsibility among students.
  • Empower students to display personal leadership and to take ownership over their Jewish experience