Job Description
Every year, Teach Coalition helps over 50 New York Jewish schools complete
reimbursement applications to the New York State Education Department for “Mandated
Services Aid”. This aid is part of NYS Education law and allows nonpublic schools to
get reimbursed for carrying out State-required mandates such as tracking attendance
and administering state exams.
The Mandated Services Specialist will grow into a core member of Teach Coalition’s
Mandated Services Reimbursement team responsible for collecting financial and
administrative data from schools, analyzing the data, and completing reimbursement
This candidate will interface directly with school staff and help identify improvements to
increase the efficiency of the Mandated Services Reimbursement process.

Job Duties
• Collecting, analyzing, and processing scheduling and financial data for NYS
Mandated Services Aid claims for schools.
• Communicating with school staff to collect all relevant data in a timely manner.
• Tracking progress of claims through project management software and
spreadsheets and creating timelines for claim completion.
• Work with Mandated Services Director to finalize and file claims, address claim
reviews, and prepare documentation for school records.
• Assigning data entry and other claim tasks to support staff.
• Assisting with organization of the MSR/CAP claim process.
• Analyze and identify claim processes that can be improved and streamlined.
• Report to upper management on an on-going basis together with the Mandated
Services Director.
• In conjunction with other members of the larger Teach Coalition staff, develop
systems that can be replicated and applied to other government programs
outside of mandated services.

Essential Skills
• Proficient in Excel and spreadsheets
• Mathematical and analytical skills
• Project management experience
• Ability to network with schools and government officials
• Ability to work independently
• Attention to detail/organized
• Problem solver

Essential Character Traits
• Growth-oriented/interested in leadership
• Analytical and applies logic to solve problems
• Outstanding communication skills
• Works well in a team environment
• Meets deadlines and can work under pressure

• Bachelor’s Degree
• Minimum of 2 years of work experience, including in project management and
data analysis.

Helpful Skills
• Write Excel Formulas
• Grants management
• Experience with government programs
• Basic understanding of payroll records
• Yeshiva and day school relationships