Overseeing Weeknight Programming: 

  • Plan and coordinate 5-6 weeknight programs each week, ensuring engaging and inclusive activities.  
  • Manage attendance records, signups, and logistics for each program, including ordering food and supplies.  
  • Coordinate with families and group homes to facilitate participation and address specific needs.  
  • Supervise staff responsible for running weeknight programs, providing support, guidance, and fostering a positive work environment.  
  • Lead one weeknight program per week personally, actively engaging with participants and ensuring a high-quality experience.  
  • Attend two additional weeknight programs weekly for on-site supervision and support.  



  • Participate in 8-9 Shabbatons or Shabbat day programs throughout the year.  
  • Serve as a resource for Assistant Program Directors and coordinators, assisting them in planning suitable activities for program participants.  
  • Act as the main point of contact for program-related matters, offering guidance and supervision to coordinators to ensure the smooth execution of activities.  


Financial Management: 

  • Monitor and manage invoices to ensure timely payments for events and series.  
  • Work with the finance team to address any payment-related inquiries from participants or their families.  
  • Keeping budget of how much events cost by tracking receipts and staff salaries. 


Summer Schedule: 

  • Design, plan, and execute programs tailored for individuals while many of their peers attend camp for the summer.
  • Create potential opportunities for parents of individuals to connect, share experiences, and gain support within the Yachad community.  


(Salary Range – $50,000 – $54,000)